‘nother figure drawing.

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The Fall 2: Unbound is live!

Posted in Animation on February 14, 2018 by toonface

So super ultra excited to announce Over the Moon Games has pressed the launch button and The Fall 2: Unbound is now live. This is the game I’ve been helping out with in my spare time as the animator. So great to be working with John Warner and his awesome indie team over the last 4 years. Check out the trailers.

Venom sketch

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Done in Photoshop…



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My friend Val’s bostonĀ terrier. Done with some Copic markers, Pencils, Micron pens…. mostly.



Melissa McCarthy

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.. since she’s hilarious and awesome!


Diane Baker

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Quick sketch of Diane Baker done in Adobe Flash.



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Sketch of Audrey Hepburn using Inks and Copic markers… etc…