Started another 3D project. Just sculpting up my take on a design by Ronnie Del Carmen. BTW that artist is amazing. Think he works for Pixar or something totally cool but anyways… I really like his design of Magik and hope I’m doing it justice. From what I’ve learned, (I admit I didn’t know much about her at first) this girl seems like a crazy awesome character so I can’t wait to get the time to animate her.

Just rough textures and sculpting so far. Oh yah and of course she needs her soulsword still. She’ll have to wait to …. acquire this since I’m also helping a buddy with a game he’s developing. Check it out! It’s called The Fall and it did quite well on Kickstarter.  I’m pretty stoked to help out with the animations since this game looks pretty awesome already.

.. but yeah, check it out… 


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