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The last piece in another calendar I’m putting together.  And in following tradition, it’s another collab. This one is between three of us, Guy McVey (the photography), David Schmaltz (art work) and my self. Good times!!






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… is what I’m calling this post. Which happens to be one of my favorite songs. Classic.




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…. a continuation from last year.




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Here we have Godzilla making out with the Eiffel Tower.



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This one’s actually based on some photography by my buddy Mike Best.




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My wife and I frequent a restaurant called Kingyo. The food and service is great but another notable attribute is the interior design. Every time I’m in there I feel like ripping off ideas. This time I did. They have this Onigawara sitting on the wall. Which is a  type of roof decoration. I kept thinking of the idea below. The funny thing is, I actually added the face on my own which was inspired by these Kala monsters, typically found in South East Asia. We saw these a lot when we were in Cambodia. It wasn’t until after I painted this that I discovered Onigwaras often depict a Japanese ogre or Oni. So maybe my idea wasn’t that original after all but whatever. This image has a ninja girl and some roses! And that’s kinda interesting. No?