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Medusa sketch

Posted in Various Art on June 27, 2017 by toonface

So I have this feeling Disney might make a Medusa movie.  Why?  Well, Disney loves making movies about characters that have been isolated for a pretty long time and still manage to not only be socially adjusted, but become charismatic and psychologically nuanced heroes.  Instead of major levels of anxiety and fear of being anywhere near people, they rise to any social occasion and are validated by everyone in town.  You could go through a list of characters that would normally be pretty strange, to say the least. Don’t get me started on Tarzan, Beast from Beauty and the Beast, or the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The Little Mermaid only had sea creatures to talk to.  Don’t tell me Rapunzel in Tangled wouldn’t be a tad strange or Elsa from Frozen who spent a loooot of time up in that castle by herself.

Now perhaps if you did two seconds of research, you’d find this is not always their formula.  Like the beautifully entertaining Moana which is basically the opposite.  And obviously there’s less time for adventures if the main character fulfills an obligation and spends 30 minutes of the film at some social function, (like the beginning of Deer Hunter), but to me, this is still enjoyable to poke fun at.

Anyways, I’m betting they’ll make a story about how she wished she could be around anyone but statues and then her and Perseus actually end up falling in love.  Strange idea?  That’d be a tricky relationship to work out I guess.  Well there’s probably a reason why I don’t write for Disney.

So, speaking of which, here’s my sketch of Medusa.


Sophia Loren sketch..

Posted in Various Art on June 16, 2017 by toonface


I’m also working on this Medusa sketch… but it’s not really ready yet, so DON’T look at it!